Sliding Patio Doors in Thornton Heath, Surrey

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Stylish, strong and energy efficient, our market leading patio doors will introduce a whole new lifestyle option to your home, opening up your room and merging indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Picture how your home would look with a stylish patio door letting in the light and enhancing your view.

With a patio door your room will feel instantly brighter and uplifting, bringing the outside in, creating a whole new living experience. But it’s not just the visual appeal the sets our patio doors apart.

Superior Strength

Households no longer need to sacrifice strength and energy for the largest window in their home, the patio door. 

That’s why each patio door is manufactured using the highest grade materials and to the finest of tolerances to provide a tight seal that keeps the winter’s chill and the Summers’s heat at bay.

Super Security

Security is a definite priority in the design of our patio doors, and all are fitted with a combination of enhanced look and security handle that make our fantastic doors amongst the most secure available.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Our standards automatically ensure that your patio door is extremely energy efficient but in addition we will provide you with a number of optional glass packages specifically tailored to your house and its environment.